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About Us
"We are a Christian family owned and operated business serving the Triad and surrounding cities since 2007."  

That's the official "ABOUT US" but that doesn't tell you very much about the people you could be working with. So I thought I would give you a brief history of our family
and how we came to be in the Party rental business.  

Let's start with introductions to the Swinnings. We are a family of  11. Baby Phoenix  was born August 21st 2014.  We are active members of our
local church and
homeschool community. Shane Swinning is the face as well as the muscle of this business since he is the one doing most all the deliveries and set-ups for your
events.   Jennifer Swinning is the voice of the business since I make most of the reservations, answer emails and schedule deliveries as well as maintain this
website. I am also a stay-at-home mom so you will sometimes hear little ones in the background when contacting us by phone.

Now It's Party Time!  was an idea that God placed on our heart back in 2006 when Shane lost his job during a big corporate lay off at the company he worked for.
They handed him 2 months severance and wished him luck.  Shane's job had required so much of his time and really cut into our family time so at first we were
excited about the change. But 8 months later at the end of his unemployment like so many other people, He still wasn't able to find a job. We spent many nights
praying about what God would have for our family and the idea for
Now It's Party Time was born. It took every ounce of our faith and money to start this business and
we couldn't be more pleased with how much God has blessed us over the years.  He couldn't have given us a better business for our ever growing family. What an
amazing journey thus far. I look forward to what he has in store for us in 2015!

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