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Walkertown, Belews Creek, Walnut Cove, Clemmons, Thomasville, Lexington, King, Lewisville, Pfafftown, Mocksville, Whitsett, Gibsonville, Madison, Mayoden,
Stokesdale, Rural Hall, and nearby cities.  (Within  70 miles of Kernersville)

2. Do you allow customer pick-ups?
    For Safety reasons, All our Units must be set-up and taken down by a licensed employee of "Now It's Party Time!".  As per our Liability Insurance, NO
    CUSTOMER PICK-UPS ARE PERMITTED. Besides,  the sheer size of these units (sometimes over 350lbs.) requires a lot of work.   So sit back and leave the
    work to us.

3. How big are your Bouncers?
    Most of our standard bouncers are 15' x 15' . Some of our Combo's and slides are even larger.  

4. How much room does each Unit need for set-up?
    Each Unit requires an additional 3 foot clearance around all four sides and there shouldn't be any branches or tree limbs that hang within 2 feet of the top of a
    unit. We will ask you to verify the amount of space you have available for set-up when ordering. Our Representatives will NOT set up a Unit without the proper
    clearance allowance for the Unit. It's for the safety of the Children and our equipment. The Area should be clear of rocks, stones, branches, sticks, debris and
    animal waste before set-up.

5. How many children can bounce at a time?
    The weight limit for our bounce houses are between 1000- 1200lbs.

6. Are the Bounce Houses Clean?
    Yes!  We clean and sanitize each bounce house before and after each rental.

7. Can You set up a Bouncer Anywhere in my Yard?

The area in which the bouncer will sit should be fairly level. There shouldn't be more than a 8in difference in height from one end to another.  If the ground isn't
fairly flat the children will end up bouncing into each other and they are more at risk of injury.

    There must be a dedicated outlet preferably 50ft but no more than a 100ft  of the bouncer. Additional extension cords cause the blower to lose power.
    This is a possible fire hazard and may cause damage to the blower.

    8. What kind of surface can the inflatable be set-up on?
    We prefer grass (free of debris such as rocks, stones, sticks, tree limbs, and pet waste). But we can also set up on asphalt or concrete or indoor gymnasiums
    and other large indoor spaces.  For asphalt and concrete we require a swept area free of glass, rocks and other debris that might puncture our equipment. We
    will use a large tarp under the inflatable to prevent excessive wear. If we can not stake the inflatable in the ground than we will use sandbags to secure the
    unit.  If Set-up is required indoors we will need a five foot clearance between the inflatable and any wall.

    We use 40in stakes to secure the units in the ground, therefore there shouldn't be any water lines, cable, telephone, gas etc. where the unit will be set-up. If
    you are not sure please call 811 to have someone come out and mark the lines for you.

    9. Can you set-up in a park or other public place?
    Yes, we can! We currently can only set-up if there is a dedicated outlet unless you own or rent a generator. We offer generators between $50 and $80 per event
    depending on the number of inflatables rented. There may be additional permits needed depending on the park or location chosen. Please contact your local
    parks and recreations office to find out what the requirements are.

    10. What is your rain policy?
    We will call you 1 or 2 days before your event to schedule delivery of the Inflatable. If there is a 30% or more chance of rain in the forecast for your area, you can
    choose to cancel and reschedule at that time. If you choose to keep your reservation and we come out to your home and set-up than there are no refunds even
    if the inflatable isn't used for any reason. See your rental contract for additional information about cancellations.

    11. What if for some unforeseen reason the equipment doesn't work properly?
    If something doesn't work properly, it is your responsibility to call us immediately so that we can rectify the situation.  

    12. What do I need to do to reserve one of your inflatables?
    Make your reservation online or call us @336-817-8109 to find out if the desired Inflatable is available for your event date and time.   If the item is available we
    will take a temporary reservation with your name, address, and phone# contingent on us receiving the necessary forms signed and dated within 10 days.  We
    can send the reservation forms to you through email or USPS snail mail.  Once signed, the forms can be dropped off at our location, emailed, mailed to us. If
    forms are not received your reservation may be canceled.

    13. Do you require a deposit?
    Yes, there is a $20.00 non-refundable deposit per inflatable required for events scheduled more than 7 days in advance of event date. The rest is due before
    we unload and setup the unit at the location.  

    14. What forms of payment do you take?
    We currently take Cash, Money Order, or in-state checks and now we accept Credit card and debit card payments can be made upon delivery with the new
    PayPal phone card scanner.

    15. Are you insured?
    Yes, we carry liability insurance. However, WE are only responsible for our negligence NOT YOURS! In reserving our Inflatables, you will be required to sign a
    rental agreement that lists specific rules, terms and conditions of the rental.  You MUST adhere to these rules. Generally injuries are very rare but are usually
    incurred through lack of supervision or inappropriate use.

    16. What do I do if the inflatable is set up and it begins to rain?
    If it starts to rain, Call  336-817-8109 for instructions on what to do with the blower and inflatable. In some cases, we will instruct you to leave the blower
    running. In other cases like lightning and heavy rains, we may instruct you to unplug the blower and bring it indoors and cover the Inflatable with the supplied
    tarp. When the rain stops, plug the blower back in and wipe down the inside with a clean towel. Vinyl can become very slippery when wet.   Use extra caution
    when re-entering the inflatable.

    17. What time will my rental equipment arrive on the day of my event?
    Delivery can be as early as 7am  depending on how many deliveries we have to make that day. Our office will call you 1 to 2 days before your scheduled event
    date to schedule the time of Delivery. (Delivery time does not affect your reserved time slot.  For example, if your scheduled event time is from 1pm to 5pm but
    delivery is scheduled for 10am you will have the inflatable from 10am to at least 5pm at no additional charge) We will arrive at least 45 minutes before the
    scheduled event. The Inflatable will take between 25 and 35 minutes to unload, setup and sanitize. And your designated operator (yourself or someone at the
    party) will be instructed by our trained professional on how to supervise the unit. Our representative will collect the signed paperwork and balance due
    BEFORE setting up the unit. We will return after the scheduled pick-up time to clean and take down the unit which will take approximately 30 minutes to an
    hour depending on how much cleaning is required. (It is necessary for our trained professional to clean and sanitize all rentals before taking it down and
    removing the Inflatable.)

    18. When should I make my Reservation?
    Inflatables are rented on a first-come/ first-serve basis and are sometimes scheduled months in advance.  To insure that you are the first in-line to rent
    available inflatables, use the rental request form here on the website especially if you can't reach us by phone.
Make your reservation online
or call us 336-817-8109